Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ana Cabaleiro

I can only say that I love music and I love to travel and take photos in very open, arid,
and spacious places. All of these things are so connected. (I have a blog, which is my
way to keep them all together: www.calmintrees.blogspot.com) I’ve been so fortunate
that I have had the chance to know many beautiful places that are relatively near my
home. The last pictures I've uploaded remind me of the beautiful American deserts; I'm
always looking for that. I took my last photographs in Las Bardenas Reales from Navarra
deserts, and las Médulas, amazing old ruins in León, the north of Spain. I feel a lot more
comfortable in those landscapes.

Freak, psych, weird, folk: the words that are always on my mind. So I guess that I try to
reflect that in my pictures. Like an endless Davenport's jam, or imaginary covers for one
of the most beautiful albums I ever heard: trees, chants, and hollers from Valerie Webb &
Paul Labrecque. I wish that someday I will take pictures more like that.

More things that inspire me: American/Indian mythology, many photographers I find
everyday on Flickr, sun, mountains mountains mountains, trees, people free and running
naked, tropical breeze, tribal drumming, and people's backs, always.