Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jeff Luker

These are mostly photographs from recent road trips. These are from all over the country:
New Mexico, California, Massachusetts, Alabama... I've been traveling a lot lately. Taking
photos. Trying to stay young. Going on adventures and trying to find those quiet moments
that make sense of it all.

Q: What do you like best about road trips?

A: I think photographers some times get bored with their surroundings, so road trips let
you take in new visual experiences, and it is very exciting to have all these new images
and ideas surrounding you. The constant movement forward also makes you appreciate
the time in certain places and can add an urgency to the picture making process that makes
it more fun. Overall it just seems like such an important part of contemporary photography--
Eggleston, Frank, Sternfeld... these guys were all kings of the road.

Q: And where are you traveling next?

A: I am driving out to the Pacific Northwest, tomorrow actually. But I am trying to spend
some time in Wyoming and Idaho on my trip out. It's such an amazing part of the country,
so desolate and immense. It's a little crazy when I think about it, this will be my third
cross-country trip in the past two years, not to mention shorter trips to the south and in
the northeast. I guess the road can be a little addictive.